My name is Sherri. My husband Matt and I are so proud of our 2 great kids who joined our family through the blessing of adoption.

Micayla is our oldest and she has DiGeorge Syndrome. She was diagnosed before birth. She had her first heart surgery at 9 days old. It's been rough at times but she is doing great!!

I created this blog as a place where families dealing with VCFS can link together to share our trials, triumphs, fears and dreams.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We had a scary thing happen this past weekend. Micayla was hit with a sudden and very painful headache. I took her to the peds office where they told me that they weren't sure but they thought it was possible that she had meningitis or encephalitis. SCARY!! So they sent us to Primary Children's Hospital. Because Matt works as a paramedic we opted to go by ambulance, we knew we could get her there quicker and since Matt was at work at one of his side jobs in Salt Lake so I wouldn't have to drive there alone and worry about her in the backseat. We were really worried about her.

After a few hours of exams and observation it was decided that she likely had a migraine. She complains of headaches a couple times a week but has never had anything this bad. We will be taking her in for a follow-up with her ped next week.

I have migraines occasionally and they are horrible, I can't imagine what it was like for her. Hopefully we will be able to figure out a plan for dealing with these in the future.

Anyone else dealing with migraines in their children?


Heather said...

my son asher gets (what i suspect) are migraines. he has actually been admitted three times for these, because they result in high fevers and febrile seizures, and they look a lot like sepsis and meningitis. we're seeing neurology in august... and genetics in a few months. asher is still considered "query diGeorge", with no diagnosis quite yet, but immunology is pursuing it really hard. gotta tell ya, reeeeeealllly didn't want to see this post on this blog! LOL but good to know asher isn't the only one.

PerriZina said...

My daughter has VCFS and is 22 and has had migraines since she was 11. She has tried so many different meds and nothing has really helped. She sees a neurologist, has had physical therapy, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, mental health therapists, naturopaths...
She is desperate. We understand that there are anomalies with the vessels and it is a biochemical imbalance.
Does anyone have any suggestions from experience?