My name is Sherri. My husband Matt and I are so proud of our 2 great kids who joined our family through the blessing of adoption.

Micayla is our oldest and she has DiGeorge Syndrome. She was diagnosed before birth. She had her first heart surgery at 9 days old. It's been rough at times but she is doing great!!

I created this blog as a place where families dealing with VCFS can link together to share our trials, triumphs, fears and dreams.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Pass It On --- and an update......

I finished reading Quinn Bradley's book a while back and I keep forgetting to ask if anyone else wants to read it. I will be happy to pass it on..... Let me know.

One thing is for sure - I actually became a little more worried about Micayla's educational future when I read this book. I actually saw Micayla a lot in his story. Combine that with a few issues we had with her school in her kindergarten year, and withmy belief that at some point she will become lost in the public school system we have decided to homeschool her.

She got into th Utah Virtual Academy. It's an online charter school with a great cirriculum. We are all really excited. We will be able to learn together at a pace that she is comfortable with.

Last week she had her annual echo. I hate those things! I try not to look at the screen because even though I have no idea what anything means I always feel like something is wrong. We I WAS WRONG. Everything was great! It's so weird having a Dr. that is great at what he does and has all that education tell you how much of a miracle you child is. Well anyway, we are set for another year.

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